Sunday, September 12, 2010


Inspired by Brooks' Celery Man Avatar I recently made the switch to the new-age '94 graphics interchange format as well, and I recommend the rest of CABC follow.

Here are some suggestions:

The combination of Beary's quiet interactions and having the Madden '09 Allstar team as his roster intimidates some of us at CABC. I like to imagine Beary as a young cub unaware of life's dangerous baby tigers lurking nearby, then surprise! Hilarity ensues:

Seeing as Brooks spent the off-season acquiring a feminine following through his delectable dishes posts, I thought Greggory would have resumed his guide to eating to take advantage of the new-found way of picking up chicks and balancing the gender life expectancy.

For Stanley, my favorite part in FBDO:

And lastly for Shep, whose NomNomNom Suh is my favorite new name (COCO is second):

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