Saturday, September 18, 2010

2010.2 Week Preview

Syndrome (0-1) at Buehler (1-0)

It’s a good thing I still have a small penis or last week’s effort would be really embarrassing. I’m used to having great expectations only to be brought back to reality courtesy of a right hook from Nerdwell. Week one Buehler had a tremendous showing and Syndrome’s team played like a bunch of lockjaw patients after a 4-month liquid diet. This matchup pits number 1 against number 10 but the scores this week are likely to meet more around number 5 as their teams enter their true season form.

If the syndrome have another poor showing,
they're going to have to start brown bagging on Sundays

NomNomNom (0-1) at CoCo (0-1)

The Abdominable Suhs played a great game week one only to lose thanks to a weak showing from Andre Johnson. This time against Team COCO, NomNomNom are favored in every category so it seems likely that they will be able to right the ship and get going the rest of the season.

Assholes (1-0) at DPDM (0-1)

The Asshole may look great on paper, but RSR made one roster move that will put him above all the rest this week. 6 feet and 220 pounds of left handed, bankrupt, certified dog killer. Mike Vick makes his triumphant return against the statistic inflating Detroit Lions. MIKE VICK BITCH!

Time Outs (1-0) at Celery Men (1-0)

The TOMB (as they will be referred to from hereon out) cruised last week thanks to Drew Brees and Arian Foster. TOMBs don’t carry much in the way of backups as they stand. This could end up being a problem in the coming weeks as Bye Weeks begin. The Celery Dudes turned in a solid performance week one, but things could be shaky as long as his wagon is hitched to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Tayne (1-0) at Fellatio (0-1)

Well, well, well. The Tayne has achieved in the first week what P.rot could barely do in a season. The Foxborough Blows on the other hand bit the sheets against The Celery Men last week and lost me $5. There is a saying though: As Chris Johnson goes, so goes the Fellatio. Favorite or underdog, don’t count out the Double F with or without Kevin Kolb.

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