Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Mavericks

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things That Are Good

Murder was the case that they gave them
The Killing, Sundays, AMC. The show follows the two detectives (pictured) as they investigate the murder and the increasingly strange and complex life of high-school senior Rosie Larsen. Each episode runs an hour, and follows four main threads: the police investigation, the victim's family's aftermath, a mayoral election campaign, and the lead detective's personal life woes. The show is hugely compelling, well acted, and beautifully written. It's the best new show on television.

EDIT: My bad. This show is a waste of your time. The first few episodes were promising, but Veena Sud has run this shit into the fucking ground. Light this show on fire.

Justified, Wednesdays, FX. Our hero, Raylan Givens, is a federal marshal who gets shipped back home to Kentucky after getting into trouble down in Miami. Long story short, he investigates crimes, bangs his old girlfriends, shoots people, and generally finds ways to get into trouble. I don't really need to pimp this one as much as others, because you'll be on board after you watch one episode.

Game of Thrones, Sundays, HBO. This show is so impossibly awesome that I can barely believe it. The show is a television adaptation of George R.R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice and ohh baby it does not disappoint. The show, like the book, features a large and complex cast of characters. It also features everything awesome you can think of: decapitations, midgets, prostitutes, small children being thrown out of windows, incest between twins (WarmingGlow: "Twincest"), puppies, and swords. If you watch the first episode of this show and you don't like it, you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and figure out what happened to your life.

EDIT: This show is even better than I thought possible. I now understand how tween girls feel about Justin Beiber. I'm that excited. Let me know if you need info on how to watch.

Like The World is Flat, but for criminals.
Mafias on the Move by Federico Varese. This well researched book tracks the globalization of organized crime. Varese dives into this interesting and difficult to study world with energy and detail and successfully amasses a stunning picture of the flows of organized crime around the world.  Grab it on Amazon, you'll read it in a day.