Friday, September 10, 2010

How to Read and Manage your Lineup Projections

Your team will look like this. Well, hopefully better than this.

This spreadsheet is the one that I'll be using all year to kick out lineups for our teams. The spreadsheet is fairly simple to use. On the left side of your player names there is a column titled "Starting". This is the only section of the spreadsheet you should be editing.

The positions are fairly self explanatory. Look in the yellow portion of the lineup box to see what the starting positions are labeled.
The entries under "Starting" in the first image produce this lineup box. Do not edit the lineup box.

Every position is the abbreviated slot name plus a position. For example: your quarterback is QB1, not QB (even though there is only one of them). Everything else should be taken care of.

As the season progresses, this is the format in which I'll be providing weekly projections for teams. Learn it. Love it.

When free agents are added to teams, I'll make the corresponding changes to the spreadsheet and have them out before the first game. Expect this to start about Week 4 (defensive projections are just inaccurate at this point to be meaningful).

I'm sending out the full preseason spreadsheet now.

Full roster commentary coming shortly.

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