Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Where Are They Now? [Part Two]

SKR, Baiters Gonna Bait (6-8)
I found this on King's bedside table. Nuff said.

MMB, Afternoon Hangover (7-7)
Afternoon Hangover narrowly missed the playoffs in 2011. Plagued by a string of phantom illnesses, it has been a dark few months for MMB. Following an ugly breakup, MB signed up for a free two-week trial on ChristianMingle.com. There he met a string of women hoping to get lucky and clear his mind. Unfortunately, the Lord works in mysterious ways and after 14 days, all Mark had was a serious case of blue balls. MMB has now switched over to AdultFriendFinder with the handle “HOTTER_TWIN214”.

ADL, Repeat? I Got This! (9-5)
After a crushing defeat in the 2011 championship game, no one has seen or heard from ADL. If you have any information concerning his whereabouts, please contact the authorities.

JBF, Stabbin Dude (7-7)
Don’t look now, but JBF may finally have his shit together. For a few years, he seemed destined for a life of watching daytime television and CAM-ing. Now he is qualified for a career in watching daytime television and CAM-ing. Jeff says he is most excited about getting to sleep in before games this season. 

RSR, Kittens Riding Turtles (7-7)
Always content to sit around and look at photos of adorable animals, that seems to be exactly what RSR has done the entire offseason. Yet somehow, this translated into only FOUR posts between February and August. My question is where are these animals that he has no doubt been hoarding. RSR has been caught biglering on the job, and I for one demand that he make up for lost time. 

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