Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bringing Back the SKC

Ever since Hipster Seasonal typewrote about Blogspot becoming too mainstream with GMail-esque improvements, one author has neglected CABC's Ashburn, VA's Award-winning Blog.

The Many Faces of SKC
 Seasons removed from the Blog, SKC may have lost his English-major touch. I have come up with a few pieces that SKC could feature in the upcoming CABC year.
  • Last Night on BAD Duty
    • SKC's daily recount of the previous night's shootings, cigarette breaks on fixed gear bikes, and chocolate shop mishaps in the D of Bishop Arts
  •  Sweet and Sour KPMG Intern Interests
    • SKC rehashes the tales of his favorite race and age group
  •  Gags and Giggles
    • SKC retells jokes that children told him
  • Wildlife Watch
    •  SKC details his horrific encounters with Dallas' fiercest urban critters

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