Sunday, November 8, 2009

Week 9 Preview

Brooks (180) at Stan (123)
This is a game with huge AFC playoff implications. With both teams tied at 4-4, the winner of this game will likely take the top stop at the end of this week. These guys are usually great about filling me in on the action when I am unable to watch a game, but I will ask everyone to refrain from discussing anything about the Cowboys-Eagles primetime matchup tonight. I will be down in Tucson for the evening, but I will watch every minute of the game when I return home. Thanks for your understanding.

Reed (168) at Shep (128)
Tall and Thin vs Tall and used to be Thin. Reed wins and continues his league domination. Shepherd cries.

Greg (186) at Mark (161)
This matchup features two hot teams with season saving wins the past couple of weeks. Greg is still in the playoff hunt in the AFC and Mark is looking to play spoiler for his NFC rivals. While The Greg is favored in this matchup, his team has been horrible on the road this season and Marky Mark could pick up another victory today and continue his rise from the bottom.

Jeff (181) at Barry (156)
All eyes will be on this light-heavyweight bout this weekend. With the top playoff spot in the NFC likely reserved for RR, these two competitors are fighting for a spot to play for the cash. Jeff is lucky enough to play his road game against Barry with Adrian Peterson sitting out for the week. With this rematch coming in Week 11, there is sure to be bad blood stemming from the outcome of this weekends game.

Hill (160) at Drew (182)
The two worst teams in the league. This essentially is the play-in game for the NCAA tournament. Yeah, you have to play it, but there's no chance that the victor poses a threat to win another game.

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