Thursday, November 24, 2011



Repeat (ADL, 7-4) at Baiters (SKR, 5-6) - - - The “Peaked Too Soon” Bowl
The magic number for Mr. L is down to 1 as he picked up a Lion-sized win over MMB last week. Even with Darren McFadden still riding the pine, the Repeats have been able to rely on solid outings from MJD and DEZ. And with the possibility of Andre Ocho Cero making his first start since week three, ADL has the chance to fine-tune his team between now and the playoffs. Half a point is really uncharacteristic of Greg Jennings, as is 30.5 for Mr. Blount. Still, the Baiters were seriously outscored last week and are barely projected to crack the century mark in this matchup. If SKR hopes to make the playoffs he’s going to have to work some roster magic, and I don’t think that means starting Tebow and CJ.

Bye Week (RER, 4-7) at Kittens (RSR, 6-5) - - - Bruder Kampf
What do you get when you have two ambiguously gay brothers, their girlfriends, a drunken friend with a big mouth, and a lothario named Lee? It’s not the newest NBC sitcom, it’s Thanksgiving Eve with the Brothers R! This is a critical matchup as RSR fights for his opportunity in the playoffs and RER continues to run away from Taintsman consideration.

Tit Gypsies (GMF, 4-7) at Raditude (JBF, 5-6) - - - The Battle for Potomac
By picking up Ryan Grant at the last second to replace Fred Jackson, GMF has set up quite a trap game for his brother. But JBF will not stand for these eleventh hour shenanigans. Here’s a quick hint G, probably not the best idea to piss off the person making your Thanksgiving meal while you sit on the sofa watching football. I hear that herpatitis can be real unpleasant. Bon appetite!

Ninja Vanish (BEN, 10-1) at Airboats (ARB, 8-3) - - - Seriously, Go Fuck Yourself Guys
Now that BEN has finally dropped a game 11 weeks into the season, he is expected to put his foot down on the gas and drive Ms. Daisy straight to the playoffs. The Airboats are hoping to get off to a quick start today as the Lions will send Suh after Aaron Rodgers all day, which could lead to an interesting point swing.

Clipboard (SKC, 2-9) at Hangover (MMB, 4-7) - - - The Providence Sweepstakes
If SKC can pull out the victory this week he’ll have another contender in the fight for the taintsman. But this is no easy task, especially with Jay Cutler recovering on the sideline. But there’s no guarantee the Afternoon Hangover will be able to play ball as Rex Grossman is unlikely to have a repeat performance of his game against the Boys. Also, kudos to MB for pulling out all of his football knowledge to chat up CABC-adjacent, Mr. L Owen, last night. I think he was almost as impressed as I was.

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