Friday, November 11, 2011


Week 10 takes us on the road to beautiful Pebble Beach for the 1st Annual CABC Am-Am Classic. 

Occupy Golf Course!

Preview Action after the

Baiters Gonna Bait (SKR, 4-5) at Manning The Clipboard (SKC, 2-7)
The Baiters eeked out a win [can we call it that] last week, an episode some are still calling for the review of. But no matter the result, he can at least count on a victory this week. SKC’s team is bad. It’s time to hit the waiver wire. Already this week Michael Bush ran for 36 points and Free Agent Denarius Moore tallied another 27 for the Raydahs. Take a look around Clipboards, there are some great intangibles there. Take Captain Munnerlyn. Not only is he a highly ranked DB, his name commands respect like those of other great leaders, Dwight or Robert. Maybe Charlie Peprah. Fact, in a repeat of that classic American tale, his last name came about when Charlie moved to this country and the registrar at Plano East Senior High School named him after the Dr. Pepper can sitting on her desk. Then he became a stud for the Super Bowl winning Packers. Boom Goes the Dynamite.
Just Win Baby?
Hangover (MMB, 3-6) at Tit Gypsies (GMF, 3-6)
GMF has 3 of Cleveland’s RBs, and not a damn one of them plays. Even McCoy, who has a cupcake game against the Rams, is getting benched in favor of Josh Freeman. But that can be expected this time of year. Days get shorter. Winter weather rolls in. Mohamed Massaquoi has a concussion. WebMD that shit--you’ve got the Cleveland Frowns*. Congrats MMB, you get another W by starting 3 RBs. Let's see how long this can last. 
Found this "news" on RotoWire. 10 minutes ago. Crennel works for KC. Grantham is at UGA. Fail.

Repeat (ADL, 6-3) at Selfish Airboats (6-3)
Weak showings from Rivers and VJackson have ADL on the ropes early. This is a crucial matchup as the winner likely avoids BNew in the first round of the rapidly approaching playoffs. With Matt Ryan coming into form, he might be able to spread the wealth and get Roddy a nice long bomb this week. Expect the Airboats to roll unless Willis McGahee has another monster outing. [Insert photo of ADL Tebowing]

Stabbin Dude (JBF, 4-5) at Kittens Riding Turtles (RSR, 4-5)
With BEN sealing up the NFC race, it comes down to who places second and who gets left out. This week, these two contenders duke it out for weekly supremacy. The Kittens have the fortune of cupcakes matches for skill players, with the exception of Adrian Peterson. JBF on the other hand is making a late move to his bench, calling on Jonathan Stewart to write him a lullaby and sing the rest of the Raditide team to a gentle slumber where points grow on trees and the sacks flow like sweetberrywine.

Ninja Vanish (BEN, 9-0) at Bye Week (RER, 4-5)
Should the point gods shed their glorious rescoring light on our friends, the Bye Weeks, this could become a different matchup. As it stands, BEN looks to destroy another AFC opponent. And if RER were to fall to six losses without any remaining waiver pickups, he would again be in consideration for the Taintsman award. His efforts would best be spent campaigning to stick another competitor with the Taintsman. He who finishes ninth actually makes out pretty well in this whole thing. This runner up to the title of Taint shall thus be dubbed “Peri-Perineum”. All the ridicule without the humiliation. Best of luck, gents. 

*Many thanks to friend of CABC,

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