Friday, November 18, 2011


10 Weeks down, 4 to go. DANCE WITH ME!

Kittens (RSR, 5-5) at Clipboard (SKC, 2-8)
Oh shit, you mean to tell me that RSR has been on some sort of win streak since pulling a killer bait and switch on S.Nerd?!?! This three game swing has been enough to turn him into a real contender in the NFC. Now SKC has to go up against Tom Brady and DeMarco Murray without the help of DrooBweez or his stellar safety tandem. The one thing Skelly has going for him is his new home in South Dallas. While drinking non-alcoholic beer in the Park Cities might be humiliating, in the OC it’s just another personality quirk designed to grab attention of other hipsters. So congrats, SKC, you’re going to fit right in.

Hangover (MMB, 4-6) at Repeat (ADL, 6-4)
These two gents have been residents of the WASP hamlet of Highland Park for a combined 50 years. Yet somehow in that time neither one has won a Cy Young award, been drafted to the NFL, or even tried to kill Ronald Reagan. Fact is, private school makes you soft. Good thing we have Twin with enough testosterone and public school street smarts to make up for the rest of us. Speaking of testosterone, y’all see Blipster-in-Chief Von Miller lay the smackdown on El Sanchez? ADL now takes a 30-point lead going into the weekend while MMB and the entire Giants offense will have to fight their way back in primetime Sunday night.

Raditude (JBF, 4-6) at Ninja Vanish (BEN, 10-0)
Aaron Rodgers gets a scrimmage at home against Tampa Bay this week in his continued domination of both the NFL and CABC. His worst game of the season came back in Week 3 when he had a disappointing outing against Chicago, turning in only 3 touchdowns for 26 points. Quelle disgrace! After running some numbers, had GMF not JaMarcused the first overall pick and taken Rodgers, he could be sitting at 6-4 right now fighting for a coveted AFC playoff spot. But instead, Professor Black has rattled off 10 wins in a row and expects to continue this run through the final weeks of the season. But guess what, Barryville sucks old car tires and so does Martin Luther Ki--no…He does not suck old car tires, he was one of the greatest men in history. I’m sorry. Sometimes I get competitive.

Bye Week (RER, 4-6) at Airboats (ARB, 7-3)
After rattling off four wins in weeks 4-7, RER has sandwiched them with another three losses. With the rest of their season on the road, the Bye Weeks have an uphill battle to snag the second AFC playoff spot. Rookies Cam Newton and Chris Ponder face off as the A1 players on each team, with Bradford and Ryan bringing up the rear. Even with ARB coming in as the 15-point favorite, expect this matchup to be closer than predicted.

Baiters (SKR, 5-5) at Tit Gypsies (GMF, 3-7)
Carson Palmer’s stat line of 5 TDs, 7 INTs, and 42 points has actually been enough to keep SNerd in the NFC conversation. In fact his forced benching of Adrian Peterson week 7 to give him the season sweep over the Kittens could be key to clinching a spot in the playoffs. The Tit Gypsies are in serious trouble at the moment. Even with the Amish Rifle 1:2 TD to INT ratio the past few weeks hasn’t been enough to increase the workload on Fred Jackson. Even Victor Cruz could see a diminished role should the Giants have other healthy receiving options. The fact is, there are two players who can save GMF from 2100 alcohol-free calories: Dan Bailey and Patrick Willis who combined give the Tit Gypsies almost 20 points every week. 

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