Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 5 Review Preview Review

Clearly a photo from Tumblr, not Reddit
  1. Weekend Activities
    1. I took two lessons and played 36 holes so my game would be razor sharp for Cypress Point.
    2. I did not see SKC, although we did discuss Breaking Bad.
    3. Any accurate preview would realize that I rarely drink beer.
  2. This one is hard to argue with
Reed is CLEARLY the one on the right

3. See above.

4. I had 8 players on byes, and BEN has a highly competitive team. No shame in this week. That being said, the amount of butt-hurt over last week from the RER, RSR, and the R family is fairly incredible.  Mea culpa be damned, I'm officially awarding the CABC all-time butt-hurt bronze medal* jointly to RER and RSR.

*Silver- MMB, "Scoregate"


  1. Don't forget about my Chick Fil A draft debacle

  2. Do you win the gold CABC all-time butt-hurt medal with this post?

  3. Timon : Reeder :: Pumba : ___________?

  4. It's these kinds of limp-wristed and shallow comments that keep the you in third place, RSR.