Friday, October 7, 2011

And Now for Something Completely Different

Feline facial hair? Now I've seen everything!
I'm starting a new weekly post: The CABC NFL Picks of the Week.

Seeing has how every single human even tangentially related to sports makes picks these days, I thought it was high time that we joined the mix.

Each week, starting with this week, I'll pick the NFL games against the spread (using the Covers opening line) and track our record. I'll also provide Gibbons and Milo's Insider Lock of the Week. A Gibbons and Milo Insiders Lock of the Week is guaranteed to never lose*. You should be them heavily.

The first Picks of the Week should be up shortly.

*Gibbons and Milo's Insider Lock of the Week is not guaranteed to never lose.

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