Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Release from the Emergency Strategic Cuteness Reserve

Don't watch the news
After the news images of Terry Thompson's dead menagerie aired yesterday, CABC has decided to combat the negative cuteness outlook with a sizable release from the Emergency Strategic Cuteness Reserve.

Thank you.

Sheriff Kitty says you better use tranquilizer darts next time.

Officer Corgi thinks you turned a public safety problem into a big game hunt

Wild bear says that if you send a sheriff's deputy after him, he'll rip his guts out and feed him to the salmon

He drinks your Juicy Juice; HE DRINKS IT UP!

Japan is incredibly envious of Ohio's lack of animal laws

Keep your distance, this hedgehog is a mean drunk

In tough times like these, you just gotta hug it out

This brave knight would have defended the citizens of Ohio from any danger

Several lions were victims of the tragedy. They were replaced with Asian children.

This space intentionally left blank

This post is almost over, so time to waive goodbye...

Get out of here! Go on, I said get!

Alright, everybody get back to business.

The white-collar office is the real prison

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  1. Excellent post, thank you. My brain is almost back to normal and filled with only thoughts about kittens.