Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 5 Preview

Brooks (3-1, 112) at Barry (1-3, 116)
Matchup Resembles: Niners-Falcons
Barry has started the season against some mediocre teams who have had players who exploded for big games. This week he gets to go up against Brooks who will have to go without his top two defensive players, Darren Sharper and Charles Woodson.

Jeff (2-2, 91) at Shep (3-1, 86)
Matchup Resembles: Bengals-Ravens
After starting 2-0, Jeff has lost his last two games. The rest of the season will be different though because Jeff was so moved by the NFL's "Pink Appreciation Week" that he went out and bought himself a new pair of receivers' gloves. Perfect for snatching pans out of the oven or just accessorizing for a night on the town, sticky pink gloves make a great gift and an equally good band name.

Drew (1-3, 91) at Greg (2-2, 120.5)
Matchup Resembles: Lions-Steelers
Lassiter really needs Tom Brady to take the step from Average to Tom Brady if he hopes to move up from his position at the bottom of the league. Greg's point projection is higher than I would award since his two starting quarterbacks are on their bye weeks and Chris Johnson scoring 28 points against the Colts is unlikely.

Hill (1-3, 95) at Reed (4-0, 99.5)
Matchup Resembles: Raiders-Giants
On paper this matchup is much closer than it will actually turn out on Sunday. Hill continues to try every trick to try and improve his team including sending Jeff a check for $200 to try and get him to doctor the points. I would recommend everyone else do the same.

Stan (2-2, 106) at Mark (1-3, 92)
Matchup Resembles: Texans-Cards
Neither team is supposed to score very many points in this battle. But while Stan keeps Tony Romo on the bench until he can work his way out of the doghouse, Mark has resorted to attempting backroom deals with Barry and Jeff. If anyone is willing to put their starting QB on the line, Mark is looking to make a bet to see who has a lower level of total body fat.

Kurt Warner draws like a 4 year old

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