Friday, October 16, 2009

Week 6 Preview

Greg (2-3, 96.5) at Jeff (2-3, 115.5)
Jeffrey : Peyton :: Gregory : Eli :: Allison : Cooper. I mean yeah, I'm a champion gunslinger, big whoop. Greg is the dopier, slightly retardeder sibling. Nobody really knows that Allison even exists, but she is smarter than us all.

After dropping 3 straight, Jeff has to fix things before it's too late. Jump starting his team may not be possible this week with his breadwinner Drew Brees in a battle against the Giants. Greg comes in as the underdog because TE Kevin Boss can't get no love from ESPN.

Shep (4-1, 86) at Brooks (3-2, 99.5)
Shepherd's big win over Jeff in Week 5 meant that he took the AFC lead away from Brooks. If trash talking were a crime, then the interstate banter between these two players this week would've been federal. This is guaranteed to be a close game because Brooks has 6 players with bye weeks and Shepherd's team isn't that good to begin with.

Hill (1-4, 114.5) at Barry (2-3, 103) After taking the second place spot in the NFC, Barry knows that he must protect his ground against Hill this week. A loss here could send him back down the rankings and leave him climbing uphill the rest of the season. King Eugene also hopes that he will have the chance to meet with the One and Only King James of Akron. Barry, having conquered the Great Swine Flu of Mexico, can offer up his strategies on how to defeat the mighty plague.
These 24 year-old Chinese ballerinas don't want to catch Swine Flu from LeBron (or Barry)

Stan (3-2, 104) at Reed (5-0, 73)
I know most of you all do not have Twitter, so I decided to copy Stan's feed from yesterday's Balloon Boy fiasco.

Drew (2-3, 108.5) at Mark (1-4, 90)
Drew is enjoying a romantic weekend in the city. Mark is enjoying Aaron Rodgers going up against the Lions. Drew is going to dine out and have a good time. Mark will probably sleep through the TX-OU game. Drew is having to deal with a cold city full of Yankee fans. Mark is still colorblind. Drew has a job. Mark doesn't know what time the Cowboys play this week.

Verdict: TOSS UP


  1. So Stan, did your parents let yall stay at home together or did you have to get a hotel room?