Thursday, September 1, 2011

Steve Seagal Auditions for Role in Mike Vick Biopic

PHOENIX - A notice of claim has been filed against Maricopa County sheriff's detectives by a Phoenix man who claims humiliation, emotional distress and property damage from a high-profile raid on his property.

The raid last March included actor Steven Seagal , his reality-TV camera crew and Sheriff Joe Arpaio's deputies all there to investigate an alleged cockfighting operation at Jesus Sanchez Llovera's Laveen home.

"To make good TV for Steven Seagal," Llovera's attorney, Robert Campos said.

Llovera's claim seeks $25,000 from the sheriff's office and another $25,000 from Seagal.

"There was a show for Steven Seagal, and it just happened to be me," Llovera said through an interpreter.

Llovera also said deputies shot and killed an 11-month-old puppy on the property.

"That's a fabrication. That is just a bunch of crap," Chief Deputy David Trombi said.

The sheriff's office said the cockfighting case is pending, but said the raid was a legitimate law enforcement action.

"Whether he was there or wasn't there would not and did not change the way we executed that search warrant," Trombi said.

Llovera told ABC15 he would drop his suit against Seagal if the actor comes to the property to apologize to him and his children.

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  1. Clearly this guy has never seen a SS movie. The last thing you do is invite Segal back into your home once you've wronged him. Sure, he'll apologize--just after snapping your neck.