Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Not Picture: Blaine Gabbert

Dear Seattle, San Francisco, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, and Indianapolis,

I'd like to remind you that there is a perfectly decent QB currently sitting on the waiver wire. That QB is Silky Garrard. In addition to providing adequate play at the quarterback position for your team, Mr. Garrard boasts a wide array of plus-sized, under-aged Asian ladies of the evening that would be an asset to any metropolitan area.

I realize that some of you are actively sabotaging your own season in order to draft Andrew Luck. Only one of you will win that lottery. The rest of you will be stuck with your current starter.

The question is this: do you feel lucky?

If you don't, Silky is the man for the job.


ARB, The Selfish Airboats
Concerned owner of David Garrard

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  1. Living with Crohn's Disease is no laughing matter. Especially because that laughter may cause one to evacuate their bowels.