Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 10 Review: HypnoKitty

HypnoKitty mortgaged your souls, securitized the mortgages, and then sold the resulting CDOs to a pension fund for school nurses.
Some thoughts:
Minimalist Street Fighter
  • I'd like to congratulate RSR for his fantastic Week 10 performance. He is your Weekly Champion.
  • Michael Vick put up a monstrous 67 points to capture the Week 10 MVP.
  • Zach Morris was the most popular kid at Bayside for several years. How is that possible? Wouldn't some Senior just shove him in a locker when he was a Sophomore? This issue needs further research.
  • GMF, SKR, and JBF all have significantly higher points against than the rest of the league.
  • I'll put out a playoff preview this week where I discuss the more exotic scenarios of how to put your terrible teams in a playoff spot. 
  • Believe it or not, The Cowboys aren't out of the playoffs yet either. The home Superbowl is still alive. I'll give you a proof of concept in our playoff post.
  • The recent Four Loko ban has shocked the entire NYC area, but ADL was hit especially hard.
  • Because of the departure of Wade Phillips, Dallas officially has a nickname gap.
  • Is "Garrett-Top" the best nickname we can come up with? Surely we can do better.
  • I watched Predators last night. Predators : Awesome :: Sex in the City 2 : Terrible.
  • Has there ever been a team that attracted as many front runners as the 2010 Miami Heat?
  • There was some speculation that the Cowboys could land the same draft pick two years in a row if there was a full lockout next year. Sadly, that is unlikely. There will be a straight lottery following any lockout years.
  • Appending "This is a referendum on Obama" to everyday speech is quickly becoming my favorite way to interact with strangers.
  • MMB has lost six games in a row. This is a referendum on Obama.
  • The new backscatter x-ray machines ("full-body scanners") use ionizing radiation. The effects of this type of radiation is additive. As in, the more you get scanned, your chances for skin cancer and cataracts continue to increase. You should opt out of these types of scans. The radiation dose from a single scan is negligible, but you should still ask for a pat down instead.
  • Brine your turkey this Thanksgiving. Trust me.
  • New stuff that is good: Girl Talk album, The Walking Dead, Dexter, Conan, The War For Late Night by Bill Carter, "Historical Name Dropping in Lost" by Stuff You Missed in History Class (podcast), and The Wages of Wins Journal.
Yes, I would. I really really really would.
 Ok, good talk. See you out there.

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