Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Week 5 Review: FIGJAM, a tale of two brothers

Code Name: Duchess is 5-0
Some Week 5 thoughts:
  • The two pairs of brothers in this league are heading in opposite directions: RSR is on a three game win streak, RER has lost his last three; GMF is week 5 champion, JBF is winless.
  • Eight of our ten teams are either have a playoff spot or are a single game back.
  • Scoring is down both NFL and CABC-wide, but I expect this to regress to the mean.
  • Phillip Rivers is your Week 5 MVP with 44.5 points.
  • The middle eight teams are all very close in PF and PA.
  • Applejack is the most under-appreciated liquor. It's like alcoholic apple juice.
  • Mini-pumpkin pies are pretty much the greatest thing in the world
  • You probably shouldn't send unsolicited pictures of your dick to girls you barely know (I think balls are acceptable, though. Balls are funny.)
  • If you absolutely must send dick-pics, remember that lighting and perspective are your friends.
  • On a related note, I really want someone to name their team "Favre's Little Secret" or "He's like a kid out/down there!" or something similar, but much, much better.
  • Are we still playing our NCAA league? I'd like to win the national championship.
  • Archer is easily my favorite show on television.
  • We got about 3800 page-views last week. That's respectable, but we can do better. 
  • I'd like to formally call out SKC for contributing absolutely nothing to this blog. Not a GIF, not a cat photo, not a picture of a weirdo. Nothing.
  • Les Miles is has become a parody of himself. He's just fucking around at this point.
  • The Rangers victory was fantastic. Cliff Lee is a robot sent back through time to destroy all batting averages. 
  • No team has beaten The Cowboys yet this year. They've beaten themselves.
  • There's little I wouldn't do for my own Mini-Giraffe.
  • Feel free to add any of your Week 5 remarks in the comments.
  • Alright, good talk. See you out there.


  1. Seriously, SKC. Respect the fucking process.

  2. I had a similar post outlined to post earlier this week, but then... well, we all know how the song goes.

    "Sunday Sundries" premieres next week. Maybe I'll post it on Monday, because I'm a rulebreaker and a heartbreak kid. It will be gatherings and ruminations as I sort through the emotional baggage of another blurry weekend. And football.

    p.s. Stan we need to play NCAA so Brooks can let his quarterback(s) break their femurs and lose to Alabama in the National Championship
    p.p.s. This video is skull crushing. It made my eyes bleed.

  3. Put the Cunningham back in Cunninghamlingus, SKC.