Thursday, September 17, 2009

Week 2 Preview

Brooks (104) at Drew (107)
Brooks has a PhD in Excel and this season of fantasy has spawned a new interest in photo and video editing. I think I speak for us all when I say that we cannot wait for the new Brooks Lee Joint.

Drew made a post in the wrong place last week proclaiming that he had an erection from the start of football season. I have not heard from him since then, so I can only assume that he is suffering from a priapism and should call a medical professional.

If Lassiter wants to beat Brooks this week, he is going to need a lot of support from his WR duo of Terrell Owens and Andre Johnson.

Reed (116) at Mark (101.5)
I have serious doubts that either one of these guys will set up their rosters before game time. If Reed doesn't move LT from the starting lineup, it could be a long afternoon watching Sproles have a big day on the bench. I'm really not sure if Mark has figured out what his password is to make any adjustments to his team. It is my opinion that the Beneke family is cursed after his brother Brian made disparaging remarks about the Dallas Cowboys.

Stan (120.5) at Jeff (125)
The two division leaders face off this week. After huge performances from both of their star QBs, this match-up is sure to start a new rivalry. It is sure to be a tight game as both Romo and Brees face off against tough NFC East defenses. If anyone can give me occasional Emmy updates tomorrow it would be appreciated as I will be at the grand opening of the Church of Jerral Jones.

Hill (99) at Shep (105.5)
As we come up on the one year anniversary of Matt Millen's firing in Detroit, it is nice to see that Hill is trying to follow in his footsteps by making as many poor managerial decisions as possible. But he's probably right--the Carson Palmer who threw 2 interceptions against the Broncos won't be the same as the one who takes the field this weekend against a Green Bay defense that had 4 picks last week.

Shepherd is counting on Trent Edwards to go big against a Tampa team that couldn't stop the Dallas passing game. Robinson picked up some sort of fantasy version of ESP while on one of his many vision quests in the middle of nowhere. Not only did half of the Madden Curse already come true, but soon after selecting a name for his team, it's namesake went down with a mysterious mcrib injury. When Michael Crabtree finally signs week 6 and goes on to break every single season receiving record, we're all going to look like idiots.

Barry (120) at Greg (96)
As Greg limps into this week two matchup, he hopes that his star player, Rob Bironas, can correct his mistakes and lead him to victory.

Barry hopes to right the ship after his week one loss to Shepherd. Sunday against the Niners, it appeared that Kurt Warner's luck had finally run out. Barry and his pal, Jesus, are praying that old Warner has a great game in Jacksonville. By the way, Barry, Bob Sanders is out against Miami this week.

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