Monday, September 28, 2009

Taking all bets

Only this week's "Battle of the Bads" matchup of Barry and Beneke has been decided going into tonight's MNF Cowboys-Panthers game. Assuming Steve Smith doesn't have a 50 point night, Barry will take the W and start making his way up the NFC ladder.

Hill's lead over Greg has gone from 70 down to 25 and the Little Peg Leg Who Could has 4 players going tonight.

Jeffrey needs the fastest 40-year-old in the world to pull down 12 points to preserve his hopes at going undefeated this season.

A poor showing by Nick Folk could nullify last night's hard-fought battle between Reed and send the victory back to Brooks.

Though signs point to a Cunningham win, a 96 point Cowboys margin of victory quarterbacked by Jon Kitna would probably turn things back in Shepherd's direction.

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  1. And how did I miss that the only acquisition hill has made this season was dropping Andy Reid who had a 12 point game yesterday for Jim Zorn and his -1 loss to the Lions?