Thursday, December 15, 2011


GAME ON!!!!!!!!!

A Stabbin’ Dude With Raditude (JBF, 7-7) VS. Ninja Vanish (BEN, 11-3)
Anderson, your thoughts?
Thanks, Anderson.
This rivalry started back in August of 2000 when two young men met awkwardly next to a Slider and Blues pinball machine. The lanky black boy and pudgy jew shared glances wondering what it would take to make A. Mann go away. They would only discover years later that his weakness was water, explained by his lack of bathing. Fast-forward 10 years, JBF and BEN are still sharing inelegant looks. These two gentlemen first faced off Week 1, with BEN taking the game 173-95.5. In their second meeting this year, the Roethlisberger-less Ninjas didn’t even break 100 points as JBF handed BEN his first loss of the season, 181-92. Now, in Week 15, Big Ben is again injured and missing practice, putting BNerd’s championship chances in jeopardy. Add this to the fact that JBF is coming off a season-high 215-point performance and this NFC battle is guaranteed to be one for the history books.

Repeat? I Got This (ADL, 9-5) VS. The Selfish Airboats (ARB, 11-3)

The Sport of Kings
ARB’s losses seem like ancient history as he’s been able to rattle off eight straight wins leading up to the playoffs. But while his road to this point may have been bumpier, ADL is still the defending champ. And with a team that was only half auto drafted this year, the Repeats still have a chance to return to the Big Game. Things will get off to a quick start tonight when MJD goes up against Matty Ice and Roddy White in a Thursday game that I doubt anyone will pay much attention to. And then there’s the Saturday night game that will be the focus of all CABC eyes as the Cows travel to Tampa in the wildcard hunt. It’s been a great season for both of these competitors, but there can be only one Highlander. The odds say bet on ARB, but ADL has to be the crowd favorite in this matchup.

Alright, good talk. See you out there.

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