Thursday, December 15, 2011


First off, congratulations to all of you bungtards that are kicking off in the playoffs tonight.  Good luck and Tebow-speed.
Having been left out of the playoffs and playing only for pride these days, a significant amount of my time spent perusing the interwebs has been freed up.  Naturally, I filled the void by googling photos of ugly poodles.  Consider my best of the best an early Xmas present:

This is a football blog, right?

Ripley the toy poodle's hair was so matted when he was found in a ditch that he couldn't see or move.  We've all opened the dryer lint drawer and discovered our own little Ripley

Sniffing butts before it was cool
This little guy is Verne Troyer's most reliable means of conveyance. True story.

*actually made of legos
I feel so, so bad for this guy('s dog)
A delight for particular Koreans who wish to "taste the rainbow"

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