Thursday, December 1, 2011


Well said.
Let's get down to business.
"You wouldn't understand." -BEN & ARB
BEN, Ninja Vanish! - Locked up 1 seed in the NFC

ARB, The Selfish Airboats - Locked up 1 seed in the AFC

SKC, Manning The Clipboard - Locked up last place in CABC and The Taintsman

RER, BYE WEEK - Currently tied for last place in the AFC, eliminated from playoffs

GMF, Terrance Cody's Tit Gypsies - Currently tied for last place in the AFC, eliminated from playoffs.

"You can't see the haters if you can't see over the steering wheel." -Verne Troyer*
"... and herein, as the Bard would tell us, lies the rub."

MMB, Afternoon Hangover -  5-7, 3-5 AFC, 1907 PF

MMB needs some help to secure a playoff spot this season, but anything can happen with only two games remaining. Specifically, MMB must win out and ADL must drop his remaining two games. This would leave MMB and ADL tied at 7-7 overall and 3-5 division records. The next tie breaker would be points. MMB currently trails ADL by 115 points. MMB needs to go nuts the next two weeks to even have a chance at overcoming that deficit.

SKR, Baiters Gone 'Bait - 6-6, 4-3 NFC, 1746.5 PF

Let me first say this: the NFC playoff race is going to come down to the wire. SKR, JBF, and RSR are withing a game of one another and fighting for the last remaining playoff spot. Although SKR is a game back of RSR, SKR holds the head-to-head tiebreaker. Division record and points for are now irrelevant when determining SKR's playoff potential against RSR. Against JBF, SKR controls his own destiny: A win in week 16 means jumping JBF in the standings by virtue of splitting the season series, and SKR owning the better divisional record.

JBF, A Stabbin Dude with Raditude - 6-6, 3-4 NFC, 1814.5 PF

Although JBF is one game back with two to play, I expect he's pretty pleased with his circumstance. JBF controls his own destiny against SKR in the final week of the season (JBF would hold the head-to-head tie-breaker), RSR plays BEN this week and ARB next week. If RSR falters against BEN, JBF controls his own destiny: JBF over SKR in Week 14 would give JBF the head-to-head tie-breaker over SKR, and the divisional tie-breaker over RSR. If RSR falters against ARB (but beats BEN), JBF must defeat SKR to finish with an identical season and divisional record as RSR, and it would come down to points for. RSR currently sits just 15 points ahead of JBF, which means anything could happen.

RSR, Kittens Riding Turtles - 7-5, 3-4 NFC, 1829.5 PF

No matter what disadvantages lay ahead for RSR, he would be in the playoffs if the season ended today. That being said, RSR desperately needs to win out against BEN and ARB. Dropping either game would expose him to one of the unhappy scenarios above. Losing both games would erase any playoff hopes for RSR (JBF and SKR play each other, the winner would be tied with RSR overall and would own the divisional tie-breaker.)

ADL, Repeat? I GOT THIS - 7-5, 3-3 AFC, 2022 PF

Just kidding, MMB. ADL owns the head-to-head tie-breaker. He's locked up the 2 seed in the AFC.

Alright, good talk. See you out there.

It's Swansons, all the way down.

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