Thursday, December 8, 2011

Fuck That Guy

While I had no problem if the shit stain that is CJ signed somewhere else this offseason, the Angels. Really, the fucking Angels. Fuck you CJ, fuck you. I'm going to enjoy watching you get pummeled by the Ranger bats 5 games a year. Someone like the glorious Derek Holland would never be such a dick.

See, he's even hanging out with that cheerleader that is dating David Nelson, probably already banged her. Kid's got game. I think he is on the same page as me on this one too.

Essentially, fuck you CJ Wilson, good riddance and this is my new favorite blog, after CABC of course.


  1. wilson spent too much fucking time talking about him being the ace of the staff, and then sucking when it counted.

    good for that puss that called himself an ace that he will be a number 3 somewhere else. Good job ace.

    That said, he made a bunch of cash, and the rangers may land a much better pitcher in yu darvish, so it will all work out, and the rangers aren't burdened by their self proclaimed "ace"