Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Decoding The Playoffs

Three of the four teams competing for the CABC championship have already been determined.

Our three heroes scamper towards the playoffs.
ADL, ARB, and BEN are in.

We've had 13 weeks of football. You'd think we'd know who was in the playoffs. And yet here we are...
Three teams are fighting for the final spot: JBF, RSR, and SKR. Here are the NFC standings:

1. Ninja Vanish!, BEN - 11-2 OVR, Locked 1st place in NFC and playoff spot.

2. Kittens Riding Turtles, RSR,                   7-6 OVR, 3-5 DIV, 1968.5 PF

3. A Stabbin Dude With Raditude, JBF,  6-7 OVR, 3-4 DIV, 1956.5 PF

4. Baiters Gone 'Bait, SKR,                           6-7 OVR, 4-3 DIV, 1908.0 PF

5. Manning the Clipboard, SKC, Taintsman
With only one week left to play, these are the relevant games:



Who will Wishbone pick?
This thing is gonna end one of three ways:

Scenario 1: RSR defeats ARB. RSR finishes 8-6. SKR@JBF doesn't matter. RSR advances to playoffs.

Scenario 2: ARB defeats RSR. JBF defeats SKR. RSR and JBF both finish 7-7. RSR and JBF split their head to head games. JBF breaks tie with RSR by owning the stronger divisional record. JBF advances to playoffs.

Scenario 3: ARB defeats RSR. SKR defeats JBF. RSR and SKR both finish 7-7. SKR swept RSR in their head to head games. SKR breaks tie based on head to head wins over RSR. SKR advances to playoffs.

Best of luck to all involved.

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