Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Week 3 Review: The Cream Rises to the Top

How do you like me now? How do you like me now?
Welp, after only 3 games, BEN and ARB are alone at the top. Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming? Nobody? Okay, good.

Turtle Power
I'd like to congratulate BEN on his week 3 Championship, as well as his new team name.

Yes, they are.
I'd like to congratulate JBF on his first win of the season. This is the highest winning percentage your team has had in over a year.  I hope it feels good to be back.

MMB (left) and RER (right)
Wecome to Tainstman Tracker™. MMB and RER, two winless wonders played in a barn-burner this week to determine the league's worst team. I'd like to congratulate MMB for pulling out the win, and turning his team's season around. RER, it could be a long season. Time to smash the panic button and make a terrible trade. This has been Tainstman Tracker™.

On your left, naturally gifted and extremely athletic. On your right, hard working and blue-collar; a coach on the field.
Wes Welker is your Week 3 MVP. He put up a positively workmanlike 43 points in a gritty display of hard-workmanship.

Chipmunks love ATVs. #FakeSnappleFact
In unrelated news, I'll be in town next weekend from Thursday afternoon to Monday morning.

The Schedule
Friday: We attend the fair, dinner at Mico.
Saturday: We attend the fair again, dinner at Mico again.
Sunday: We go watch the Cowboys destroy the Lions at the Deathstar.

Alright, Good talk. See you out there.

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