Friday, September 23, 2011


You forgot about this, didn't you?
I forgot to write week 2 reviews, and just so the Ashburn guy doesn't get disappointed, I'll give a quick rundown.
  • ARB trounced MMB,                  197 - 139.5
  • ADL defeated SKR                      209.5 - 164
  • GMF crushed RER                     215 - 167.5
  • SKC stymied JBF                        163.5 - 153
  • BEN outlasted RSR                     179 - 170
"Thanks, Scarjo!" -Penises
Tim Brady is your Week 2 MVP and GMF is your Week 2 Champion.

The first of many Taintsman GIFs
Wecome to Tainstman Tracker™. MMB, RER, and JBF are all 0-2 heading into a big Week 3, but it's a long season, and this is still any man's game. This has been Tainstman Tracker™.

And that's why Jesus didn't get laid in high school
Alright, good talk.

See you out there.

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