Saturday, November 21, 2009

Week 11 Preview

Barry (215) at Jeff (170)
Following his David-esque performance against Reed last week, Jeff made a deal to strengthen his receiving corps and Defensive front. However he did not anticipate Barry swapping star WRs in order to get the Matt Schaub to Andre Johnson double-dip. This tandem is like the DQ Chocolate dipped cake cone to go along with his Waffle Bowl and Bad Attitude Sundae that is Kurt Warner and Anquan Boldin. While the projection has Barry nuking Jeffrey out of the water, this matchup with likely prove to be closer than expected.

Drew (157) at Hill (163)
This game is a joke. It's almost as funny as the Mr. McGibblets song and dance. "Tickle me, and rub my belly. Tickle me, and rub my belly." [Video to follow]

Greg (182) at Shep (177)
Still in a downward spiral following his name change, it is hard to believe that Shep has not selected a new moniker for his team that will get them back on the right page. Something dignified like "Dr Pepper's Lonely Parts, Right Hand" or "Kentucky Deluxe, Wild Turkey, and Old Perot." Unfortunately we are still stuck with a picture of a woman's ass that we've all seen and a name that is over my head.

It would seem that Greg sees me as a more of a role model than I knew. I have now spent more semesters out of school than I have actually in class, and I am filled with a great sense of pride that my younger brother is following in my footsteps. Now Greg's extended summer vacation is finally winding down. He's had a lot of time to relax and reflect while at home this fall. Even though his injury was caused by working out, I think he has actually enjoyed his time in physical therapy. The Fijolek's have always had an entrepreneurial spirit dating back to the days of the family spaghetti factory in Chicago and our sock emporium, Something's A Foot. Greg and I have developed a business plan to open a chain of Fijolek Brothers BBQ-ram Yoga Centers. Instead of raising the temperature to a sweat inducing level, Greg will serve the customers barbecue until they begin suffering from the meat sweats at which point they will begin their yoga workouts.
Fijolek Brother's BBQ-ram Yoga - Home of the Matterdog

Mark (172) at Reed (145)
As Mark ventured out of the house for the first time in months to finally join the corporate world, Reed likely locked himself in his bathroom and cried the week away. Cheer up Reed, things could be worse. You could be Mark Mangino, Charlie Weis or Kurt Warner.

Stan (170) at Brooks (177)
Sir Brooks of Greenbrier faced a dilemma earlier this week with his powerback, Lord Ronnie Brown of Dolphinshire, went down for the season with a knee injury. Brooks immediately went into action, scouring over his opponents' rosters with a fine tooth comb, looking for a new RB. He now wishes that he could've made a deal with his week 11 rival to pickup Ricky Williams who picked up the slack in Brown's absence and scored 39 points for Stanley.

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