Sunday, November 1, 2009

Week 8 Preview: Last Minute Edition

Brooks (4-3, 161.5) at Greg (3-4, 125)
Barry (3-4, 169) at Drew (3-4, 133)
Brooks hopes to create more separation between the teams in the AFC, but with Greg's two QBs going up against weak defenses, this game stands to be much closer than expected. Barry and Drew will duke it out to try and get an edge on the second place spot in NFC.

Reed (7-0, 171) at Jeff (3-4, 172.5)

Well, well, well. So it's come down to this. Reed remains the only unbeaten team in the league, but after taking a look at his lineup, I truly believe that he will finally fall this week. With his workhorse Benson on a bye week, The Double R has been forced to play both LT and Tiny Darren. No matter what scores are recorded today, this game is going to come down to the Monday Night matchup between Reed's tandem of Ryan and Turner against Jeff and Drew Brees.

Mark (2-5, 176) at Shep (5-2, 120.5)
Having used up all of his waiver pickups, Mark might have finally gotten the hang of this whole football thing. He's learned the difference between the penalty box and a technical foul and now he's poised to make his comeback. Waiting until the last minute to pick up a quarterback, Shepherd ended up going with former Mountain-West Superstar Alex Smith. I don't think it's a bad pickup, in my opinion it didn't matter what 4th string QB he chose. Mark is going to go all Tom Cable on Shep.
[Edit- Just received this message from Mark: "Can I tell you my biggest fear? If I woke up as a donut I would totally eat myself. I wouldnt even question it." I'm beginning to rethink the complimentary statements I just made about him.]

Stan (4-3, 151) at Hill (1-6, 140)
Last week was the NFL's international game, and this week is ours. Stan travels to India to take on Hill. Two of Stan's three losses have come when he has played non-conference games against Reed and Jeff, teams that call the Pacific Time Zone home (PHX returns to Mountain time today). So Stan has a team that does not travel well and Hill has a team that really doesn't do anything well.

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