Monday, November 23, 2009

I Never Thought This Mexican Mask Would Come In So Handy


November 21, 2009

A female student reported that at or about 5:54pm on Saturday, November 21, 2009, a Hispanic male was sitting in his car in the Sherley Hall parking lot. Suspect was looking toward the open windows of Sherley Hall. According to the student, the male appeared to be masturbating while watching the windows. The female student was able to get the license plate number of the suspect’s vehicle. The student then ran inside Sherley Hall and called the TCU Police. Suspect fled the scene.

Suspect is described as a Hispanic male, no facial hair, mid thirties with long, greasy, dark hair (ed: HA!) wearing some type of toboggan or skull cap.

The suspect’s vehicle is a 1987, 4 door Buick with TX. license plate 732 BNJ. The color is unknown.

The description of this suspect does not match any other suspects previously reported in other crime alerts.


If vehicle is seen, call the POLICE: TCU 257-7777; FWPD 911

Close all shades or blinds to your dorm windows at dust and at night

Dorm windows blinds of the common areas should be closed at night.

Always be aware of the people around you at all times.

If you notice any suspicious person(s) call the police Immediately!

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