Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The King is dead, long live the King [subtitle: Week 10 Review]

Greg def. Stan
If there's one person Stan hates more than Greg right now, it's Chris Johnson. In their week 4 match-up, Johnson only tallied 13 points and Greg still won the game. This week his 45.5 points made up for the rest of G's anemic offense, sending Stan to the bottom of the AFC.

Brenda Warner looks like mannequin from hell

Brooks def. Hill
Aside from the Cowboys' slip-up, it truly was a perfect weekend for Brooks. Donovan McNabb threw for 450 yards and the Eagles still managed to lose the game. In the end it was another embarrassing week for Hill. Despite Carson Palmer and Ryan Grant winning clutch games, but their performances were just bad when you look at the big picture.

Mark def. Shep
Since overestimating his level of creativity and changing his team name, Shepherd has dropped four straight games and fallen from the top of the AFC to an uncomfortable 3rd. No doubt cold and lonely, Shepherd coulda, woulda, shoulda pressed submit when altering his roster earlier this weekend. Now it appears that he may finish out of the money, an unfortunate turn of events for this recent Horned Frogs superfan who is hoping to follow his team to a BCS Bowl come January.

Mark's recent success can only be attributed to one thing: New Diet Extra Extreme Vanilla Muscle Milk Grape Wave Fever Crush, now with extra Diet. After a weak start to the season, Mark has established himself as a player in the NFC playoff race.

Jeff def. Reed
Well, well, well. Up until now Reed has dominated the league. This noob took the league by storm. I remember the season projections that our commissioner calculated many fortnights ago valued Double-Rs team at the bottom of the league, but Cedric Benson, Reggie Wayne and an undrafted sensation from Monmouth helped him establish the longest win streak to start a season in CABC history. And while I take pride and pleasure in my slaying of this dragon, I know that this small bump in the road will probably just make the beast more angry. I pity those who must face this great animal in coming weeks and any of his playoff foes. Allow us to take a moment and remember the awemazing 9-0 start from the team that is still number one in our hearts, Mark's First Attempt At This.

Barry def. Drew
Bernard T. Nerdw_ll felt left out when I did not include his victory over Drew in this review. He wanted to know if it was because he was black. No Barry I did not leave you out because you're black. I am posting this because you are though.
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