Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'll Miss Your Hair Most Of All

Farewell, Garrett Hartley. You had a good run, but it went to your head, and 2010 just doesn't seem to be your year.

I picked you up because you seemed like a reasonably nice fellow, albeit a little high on yourself. And let's be honest; the Saints wouldn't have gotten to the Super Bowl without some clutch kicks.

No I don't want to hold your damn ring again. Is that mousse? Gel?

But all that's past now. I've had two poor weeks, and you sitting on the sideline, making sure your bleached locks are perfectly coiffed isn't going to help me win any games.

And so, in a strange twist of fate, I set you aside for a man who's also been known to have an off year: gentlemen and Miss Rush, I present to you... NICK FOLK!

Sideline Judges are in charge of the officiating of smiles

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