Friday, October 15, 2010

Week 6 Preview. Go Rangers!

Buehler (4-1) at Syndrome (0-5)
Following another disappointing week, The Syndrome took out his aggression against SKR in two epic FIFA11 matchups. You like that goal at the end of overtime, King? Oh you want more bitch? What JBF lacks in talent, he makes up for in flair *jazz hands*. The one team member The Syndrome has been able to count on week in and week out has been Falcons Head Coach Mike Smith. The first place coach still can’t hook a brother up and let me know when that new Jeezy is going to drop though.
Buehler turned in his lowest point total last week in his first loss of the season. SKC still maintains a hold on first place in the NFC. With Peyton playing against the 29th ranked Redskin secondary, a win this week will put him in the catbird seat for his week seven rematch against Nerdwell. The way Kelly has been tearing through CABC this season and neglecting his true blog buddies, could he really be Hipster Hitler in verkleidung? Eat Shit Belgium.
TOTO (3-2) at Tayne (2-3)
Careful folks, the Tayne is angry. RER has dropped three games in a row and as a result decided to shake up his roster a little bit. Garrett Hartley, YOURE FUCKING OUT! A season changing move of this kind has not been seen since the Dingleberries’ legendary Rob Bironas-Larry Tynes shakeup of 2009.
In his last game, Arian Foster put up stats like an undrafted free agent out of Tennessee. He will need to return to his recent ways against KC before facing a tough stretch after his bye week. And MMB has faced a slight defensive slide in recent weeks. For some reason his strategy of picking up available players with super high scores week two has not paid off as anticipated.

Assholes (3-2) at Suh (2-3)
After a two game skid and losing half of his starting lineup to injuries, the Assholes aim to turn their luck around against the Abominable Suh Monster in an NFC epic. The Asshole’s manager, Bertrand L Narwhall Esq Jr, has fully embraced the mindset of the City That Never Sleeps in the short week he has called it home. It has yet to be seen if this lack of rest will cause him to slip up on Sunday.
With Ray Race waiting to score until week five and Arian Foster and Chris Johnson turning in up and down weeks, the well rested Adrian Peterson has 10 more weeks to show off his stuff. AD hasn’t has a fumble yet this season, but now that I have brought it up let the fumbles begins. Hey All Day, fumble just a little less. Ya know, not because you suck. Because you, you don’t suck. You just probably want to try holding onto the ball a little better. However you’re doing it right now—do that, just better. Don’t fumble is what we’re trying to say here. You kinda fumble a lot. FYI.
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Celery Men (5-0) at Fellatio (1-4)
Fact: ARB is alone in New Orleans. Fact: GMF lives by himself in Nashville. Fact: these cities are like incubators for fetishists. Nobody has any idea what these two are up to. Like, we all think old people are just playing bingo and bridge in their retirement homes all day, but one can’t be too sure. Violent crime in Toronto has been on the rise recently. These two players are sure to score a lot of points if either one can put down their erections long enough to set a lineup.

Mr. Gustav Meowler von Kittenshnitz decide on Brady or Cassell

DPDM (3-2) at COCO (2-3)
These party animals are both riding winning streaks on their way into this matchup. You know things are going to get crunk if the Maharaja of Mojo is getting the start down in Jacksonville! Lassitron has been saving up his valuable vacation days so he can finally go on the getaway of a lifetime in a few months. The official 50 day countdown to Furry Cruise 2010 has finally begun. Because everyone knows Ft. Lauderdale and the touristy ports of the Caribbean are the hottest spots for you and your bros in animal costumes to go let it all hang out. Merry Early Xmas. Time for a Furgy!
PDAA: Public Displays of Animal Affection
Surprising a friend in the middle of the night ;^o
2009 Cruise was a Hit!
See Ya'll on Endor in 2011

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