Thursday, October 7, 2010

You're Welcome

This song is dedicated to all the girls I ever dated.
To all the women I ever loved when I was growin' up.
Now say uh-huh, whatever, whatever, whatever (4x)

-Verse 1-
Her name was Lisa, took her out to Max's for a slice of pizza
Little fashionista, said "Hi, my name's Johnny and it's nice to meet ya."
Ask her where she from, she said "Bayside, away from the slums."
I decided to make my assumptions, my buddy and my Teddy Ruxpin's.
So I asked her name. Already knew it but I had to play games.
Why? Well let's just say that getting shut down's a shame
She's so stuck up, I'm so in love
But no one's loved her like I love her
But she's never fucked her homie
But I fucked Stacey Carosi

That's what girls do, play you from the start.
That's what girls do, just to break your heart.
That's what girls do, they love to play you like a fool.
That's what girls do, the one's I knew in high school.
Now say uh-huh, whatever, whatever, whatever (4x)

-Verse 2-
Her name Kapowski, said whaddup then I said I'm out-ski.
Head cheerleader when she's around she makes me all tense have trouble pronouncing.
Plus she already got a man. Big man on campus, I'll be goddamned. (That's whack).
(Crazy motherfucker that's Zack! How you gonna out do that?) Good point.
Guess I can't. So I move on. Plus her girl Jessie got it going on.
It might get messy cause she's off and on with a wrestler who's really strong.
Her girl Tori's another story. Think she's whistling to the wheat field.
Some times I'm AC Slater, but most of the time I know how Screech feels.


Please baby, you know you've got me on my knees beggin' please...

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  1. Where can I buy jeans with two built in belts and pleats? I have this friend, you see...