Friday, October 15, 2010

SKC Mystery Solved!

Hioh! No need for any more posts proclaiming the dickness of Stanley's absence. Mystery solved!

Barnard, who recently moved to New York to start B. Narwhal Private Eye and Party Planning, recently uncovered the whereabouts of CABC's prizewinner SKC.

Costa Rica! Aviaros del Caribe!

SKC's parents really wanted to name him Sloth Kinsey Cunningham, but after SKC's grandfather Stanley Louise Carmichael (father of Mary Martha Cunningham [SKC's mother] and pioneer of the tool company) received word of such a beautiful name, jealousy ensued! Not wanting to upset her father, MMC named SKC after him. In honor of his daughter's grace, SLC created a sloth farm after the birth of his grandson .

Could YOU use the services of B. Narwhal Jr. and uncover similar mysteries in YOUR life? You can read more about his sleuthy services on his blogpost.

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