Friday, October 1, 2010

Bye Week?! More Like Ry(der Cup) Week!!! -or- Week 4 Preview

Assholes (3-0) at Buehler (3-0)
In this week’s marquee matchup, one of these two teams will get a leg up in the battle for the NFC. With their defenses evenly matched and skill players riding hot streaks it could come down to the passing game. Both sets of QBs face defenses that could lead to a boatload of points. Regardless of who wins this game, come week 5 these teams will have new players at their disposal with the return of Roethlisberger for the Assholes and a chance for Roy Williams to make his debut for David Buehler.

Fellatio (0-3) at COCO (0-3)Last week’s battle of the bads was a close game until Mike Vick hit the field. This week does not look to be a repeat as The Boston Blows have scored a ton of points only to be shocked 2 weeks in a row and The Cocks are close to not having enough players to take the field. As ADL goes to 0-4 it is hard to know if he’ll attribute the loss to the Bye-Week Blues, or ring the alarm and make some roster moves. I’m sure that receiving tandem of Megatron and Ochocinco would draw some bids on the open market.

Celery (3-0) at Tayne (2-1)
After making waves the first two weeks, the Tayne fell back to Earth week 3. Jahvid Best realized he played for the Lions, Marques Colston took a back seat to Lance Moore, and Derek Anderson couldn’t find Larry Fitzgerald all afternoon. With gaps at the TE position and on Defense, Tayne will have a difficult time overcoming The Celery Men who continue rolling in the AFC. Following his 29.5-point performance last week against the Jaguars, DeSean Jackson is sure to beat that score against the Redskins and the league’s worst Passing D.

Time Outs (2-1) at Syndrome (0-3)
The Syndrome are projected to come up short in every player by player matchup against the Time Outs this weekend. Despite being 80-point underdogs, the Syndromes offensive players have favorable defensive matchups this week. The Home Run King claims to have not voted down yesterday’s trade, but his insecurity is probably preventing him from fessing up. Now he claims to be planning some sort of “smack down.” Okay, kid, let’s see what you’ve got.

DPDM (1-2) at NomNomNom (1-2)
There’s only one way to sum up what looks to be a tight game between two middle of the pack teams.

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