Saturday, October 3, 2009

Week 4 Preview

Brooks (122.5) at Jeff (115.5)ab
This epic brawl of titans features Manning (BRKS) and Brees (JFIJ), the top two quarterbacks in our league. Brees has more value over the season, but Manning (home against Seattle) has the advantage over Brees (home against the Jets) this week. The other positions are more disparate: Jeff has better RB's, OP, and HC; Brooks has better WR's, Defense, and K. ESPN projects That Wide! over LUNCHBOX by 7, but the game is close enough in talent for a single player performance to lead their team to victory.

Shepherd (103) at Drew (73.5)jf
Drew had a mighty impressive goal line stand against Jeff last week. After winning by 1 yard and half a point, Lassiter's players are pretty banged up. Faced with the loss of Frank Gore, Drew will rely on the returning Marshawn Lynch to go into Beast Mode and Terrell Owens to pull his weight against Miami.
After his loss to Stan, Shepherd felt more let down than the people of Chicago. At least they have televisions to go home to. All Shep has is an open, albeit well lit, living room. The perfect place to practice his dancing. This clip fits for Shepherd because he has juco experience and I think he would make a good Joel McHale. Krumpit.

Barry (103.5) at Reed (116)jf
Reed has not had much time to participate in fantasy football this week with the Phoenix Mercury and Indiana Fever tied at one game apiece in the WNBA Finals. This is a very exciting time of year as hockey has started and basketball is right around the corner. But without a doubt, football dominates the fall. That's right guys, the wait is over. It's UFL season!!!!! Enough of being stuck watching college football and the NFL. What kind of competition can you have between teams when there are 32 in the league. Give me neon jerseys, screaming coaches and JP Losman and I am sold.
Despite picking up his first win of the season, Barry still has to prove that his team does not have to rely on Adrian Peterson in order to win every week. So far his defense has been strong, but counting on points from Matt Schaub has to make Barry more than nervous.
Ms Lynn is not impressed by Barry's performance this season.

Mark (72.5) at Hill (89)
I'm not saying Beneke is a crybaby, but he does have a mastery over 3rd grade style revenge tactics. After making a fuss over the Brooks-Fijolek trade earlier this week, it pleased me to hear that Mark was treated to a night of tending to his girlfriend and her sake-induced vomiting. Though he enters this matchup as the favorite, Hill's narrow victory last week is still viewed by many as a fluke.
Hill Perot at the Jews for Jesus Ski Weekend
Telluride, CO | February 6-8, 2009

Stan (90.5) at Greg (103.5)
Hmmm... You know what? I don't know how this game is gonna turn out.
But I do have an idea...

A Movie Idea:

Stan and Greg star in a gripping drama about two friends and the complex world of competitive eating. Basically, a shot for shot remake of Good Will Hunting. (Greg is Matt Damon, Stan is Ben Affleck). Instead of mathematically ability, Greg possesses a rare ability to eat food. And instead of growing up poor and in Boston, they grew up rich and in Dallas. They grew up, went to college, and now both have high-paying white collar jobs as attorneys/bankers/etc. (we'll figure this out during edits). All of the scenes still work.

The Bar scene:

Stan and Greg (with cameos by all of us) end up on the wrong side of town, and in a dive bar populated by local competitive eaters. Stan starts hitting on one of them, and claims to remember her from a hamburger eating contest. Just when Stan is about to be exposed as a non-competitive eater, Greg and the would-be-exposer get into an eating contest.

The Math Problem scene:

Greg eats an entire luncheon's worth of food at his office, and when the office holds a meeting to see who could have done it, Greg doesn't show. The CEO of Greg's company then lays out 100 6 foot party subs and issues a challenge. His boss catches him right as he's finishing up the subs, but Greg's eating prowess is shown to the CEO, a former competitive eater himself.

The Moving On scene:

Shot for shot, almost exactly the same. Instead of Matt Damon moving on a life of economic success, Greg would be moving from a life of white collar drudgery to the exciting and truly free world of competitive eating.

Are there a few details to work out? Of course there are, but I think the idea is solid. In fact, I think the movie projects better as a drama than as the more obvious comedy (or spoof). The key to this story's cinematic success would be to convey the white-collar worker's longing for freedom with the same intensity as the impoverished's longing for a better life. Also, this may be a way to have a movie studio bankroll a two hour meatball sub eating contest.

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