Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Weirdo Watch Episode II: Attack of the Wha?

As I entered my Best Buy of choice (Store #253, Phoenix AZ) I observed a woman sitting on the bench outside applying lip gloss. It was a pink pearlescent hue that did not go with her leathery 60 year old skin or her mens briefcase. I went inside and picked up my copy of EA Sports Fifa Soccer 10 for the XBOX360 and browsed the new release dvds. When I emerged from the store 10 minutes later, she was still outside, still on the bench, still applying her lip gloss. Now this is the same Best Buy where I saw a van-load of individuals who were genetically rewarded with an extra chromosome on their day out to play the test version of Rock Band, so I would not be surprised if she was just left behind. Apologies for not including a picture, the one I took did not capture all the qualities that I would have liked it to.
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