Sunday, December 13, 2009

Week 14 Preview: Only the Games I Care About

Mark (160) at Jeff (188)
Mark has been on fire the second half of the season. His 7 wins in a row have been enough to raise him from last in the NFC to the second place spot. Now he is playing for his playoff life. A Beneke win seals his spot and makes him the favorite to win the division as Reed continues his downward spiral. Unfortunately, Mark comes into this game as the underdog. Should Beneke and Barry lose, Jeff will be vaulted into the playoffs despite his rough season.

Stan (163) at Shep (171)
These guys have a lot in common. They both have two older sisters and hysterical middle names that start with "K". Despite these similarities, this game is sure to set off a new rivalry going into next season and the future. Win and you're in, gentlemen. Simple as that.

Barry (186) at Brooks (182)
This is why there aren't Monday Night games week 17. Following his loss last weekend, Brooks has been eliminated from playoff contention. Barry has the NFC tiebreak should he finish with the same record as Mark and Jeff. Brooks has no reason to play this game except for pride and spite. Who cares about Team Jacob and Team Edward. I'm on Team Brooks.

Hey Alex Ben_ke, got any quaaludes.

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