Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Week 13 Review

Greg def. Brooks
Another tough one, Brooks. Peyton Manning has started slacking off the past few weeks and though the Colts continue their undefeated run, Brooks has been left wondering how Eli is inserted where Peyton should be. Greg's victory guaranteed him the top spot in the playoffs, but one look at his players' difficult remaining schedule and you can see that team success is not set in stone.

Jeff def. Stan
After getting off to a rough start Thursday night, Jeff got lucky when Drew Brees got to play an extra period on Sunday. After scoring close to 100 points over the past two weeks, Brees has taken over the top points spot in the league. Stan could have performed better had he made some different personnel decisions, but Brandon Jacobs is an asshole who deserves to be left on the bench.

Barry def. Reed
This week the role of Colt McCoy was played by Reed Rusch-sch-sch. Yeah, CM12's father coaches football and drives a truck and Reed's dad slings office chairs with lumbar support and rolls around town in...well it's a Ford. But still, the similarities are there. They both have a love for Purple Jesus, ridiculous Texas names, and started the season feelin hot hot hot. But Barry was Ndamukon Suh. Following his record setting 9-0 start, Reed has lost to all three teams he could play in the conference championship and to Greg, who will likely win the AFC. Earlier this season, RR questioned why we have a 5 point home field advantage. Now that his team is limping into the playoffs without a quarterback, I'm sure Reed is happy to have all the help he can get.

Mark def. Drew
Beneke's game was way too close this week when you realize Drew has not changed his team lineup in weeks. Once inserted to keep his team competitive, Marc Bulger is now a constant reminder that some people are too busy to keep track of us little people. Mark has fought his way back from a miserable start and now controls his own playoff fate. A loss by the Eagles last Sunday and Mark would have lost to half a team. Aaron Rodgers continues to wow, but without Matt Ryan, Tony Gonzalez is not a top 5 producing TE. Mark's Offense is weak and his Defense is almost nonexistent. Burn.

Shep def. Hill
It's been a great week in Shepsylvania. The Mighty Hornfrogs were invited to play in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl and it appears that he was able to lock up the second playoff spot in the AFC. Hill on the other hand learned a valuable lesson in party planning-20 people bringing Tonic Water yields a shit ton of Tonic Water. He's scored the fewest points and hasn't won a single game on the road. It's okay, Wade, we still love you.

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