Sunday, December 6, 2009

Drew Bree$ is so money, but where are his endorsements?

There are two teams in the NFL that are undefeated now in week 13. The Colts have been stellar with Peyton Manning leading the team, and you can't turn on your TV without seeing him hawk something. So where is the Saints star this holiday season? Everyone is out there selling crap, but not Drew Brees. The guy is a 3 time Pro-Bowler who has thrown for almost 30,000 yards.

Why is his only TV ad an old Sportscenter promo? Yeah, he's got that scar on his face, so he can't move razors like Matt Ryan. And I can't tell if that Strahan ad is for his "15-Minute Flab" workout tapes or Vaseline. I don't know what kind of reptile DNA Nike put into Adrian Peterson to make him super-tough and prone to fumble. My money is on a snake because they are pretty slick and they don't have opposable thumbs.

There are billboards around Dallas with a new spokesman for Christ, Jason Witten. Chris Cooley is used to reading his playbook sans pants, but he and his Redskin teammates have a series of ads for cheap cars in DC. All in all, the greatest ad man in the NFL today has to be Aaron Rodgers.

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