Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I know Joe Montana and you sir are no Joe Montana

Dallas Cowboys 4th-string QB ready to answer call

As someone who was forced to suffer through every game that Rudy Carpenter played with the Arizona State Sun Devils, it makes me sick to know that Jerry Jones has put money in his pocket. It took me time to deal with the fact that he was a practice player, but now I am having to come to terms with the reality that for one preseason game, Carpenter will be the face of the team I love. And I can guarantee that the quarterback who will take the field Friday will not be "Rudy The Carpenter" of 2007. Back then he was the stuff of legend, making throws and nailing hoes despite being sacked 54 times. The following year, Rudy returned for his senior season however his playing style resembled that of his cokehead predecessor, Sam Keller. Keller now works at unpopular Scottsdale clubs and waits for his lawsuit against EA to be dismissed. I can only hope Rudy Carpenter joins him soon.

Yeah, that's a drug deal.

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