Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 5 Review Preview

While we all await Streams to come off the inebriation train after Nellee Cruz's Boomstick Slam and this week's narrow loss to BENinja, I am here to present this week's review preview.

Streams' Present State

Here is what we can expect:

1) A gratuitous amount of pictures of Streams' past weekend which include:
  a) Close-ups of meals prepared
b) At least one picture of him and SKC [timestamp not relevant]
c) Two beers in the same picture

2) An animal picture with me referenced (Nod to you, good sir)

3) A picture from reddit

4) Little to no reference of this past weekend's close escape by the lucky Bernard Narwhal Newellster III, which will look something like this:

JBF over SKR, 196-156.5
RER over ADL, 152-139.5
BEN over ARB, 207-117.5
MMB over GMF, 174.5-171.5
RSR over SKC, 151-147

BEN is your Week 5 Champion

Matt Schaub is your Week 5 MVP.

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