Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 4 Review: The CABC Classic

We started a new tradition this year at CABC: The CABC Classic. League members from across the country gathered this weekend to attend a Cowboys game. The game ended in a loss, but the weekend was an overwhelming success.

The weekend began at the greatest place in the world: The State Fair of Texas.

She's glorious

First things first: Get tickets, eat a corny dog, and say hello to our old friend, Big Tex:

 The Holy Trinity

With the essentials out of the way, we moved on to the 2011 fried treats:

A buffalo chicken tender in a flapjack, rolled in jalapeno breadcrumbs, fried, and served with maple syrup

Chicken-fried bacon with a side of ranch dressing

Fried biscuits and gravy

Fried salsa topped with queso

A fried s'mores poptart covered in whipped cream topped with hot fudge
Fried kraut balls with German mustard and served with Shiner Bock
With out hunger sated for the moment, we headed towards the livestock:
Lil' Sebastion
A kitten
A longhorn
A giant pig
If Reed were a llama
This dude would make a good pet
Piglet by his lonesome
Hot chicks
A Stan

We also checked out a few odds and ends:
Hot Lambo

The first Frozen Margarita Machine. This man was a true hero.
Pumpkin Dude
 After the fair, we hit up Mico. Double J had kindly thrown a party in our honor. That was nice of him.
The Double J's Pre-Party

The Arkansas DJ (Don't Google that.)
Nachos. Fo Free.

Nachos Locos chicken, Babalu, Mambos, Sunset Fajitas 50-50.
Do not attempt unless you are a professional.
We attended the TCU-SMU game on Saturday. Sadly, no pictures survived from the event.

Sunday at the Deathstar we drank beer, ate bacon biscuits and watched The Dallas Cowboys
Debating the height of TCB
At the game
Our view
Sadly, the Boys blew a massive second half lead and lost to Detroit.

All in all, a successful CABC reunion. Let's do it again at Thanksgiving.

To business:

The Weekly Scores:
BEN over SKC, 174.5-151.5
RER over ARB, 147.5-143.5
JBF over MMB, 201-187.5
ADL over GMF, 200-158.5
SKR over RSR, 159.5-136

JBF is your Week 4 Champion.

Aaron Rodgers is your Week 4 MVP.

Alright, good talk. See you out there


  1. Y'all look like a bunch of SAWEETS in the first pic. But you aren't fooling anyone.

  2. WHAT HANDSOME MEN FOLK. For the record I was invited.