Monday, September 13, 2010

Cowboys Stadium vs New Meadowlands Stadium: A Rational Comparison

Cowboys Stadium
New Meadowlands Stadium
The two newest NFL stadiums belong to NFC East rivals (and New Jersey's B-team).

Wouldn't it be nice if we had an unbiased discussion of the relative merits of the two stadiums?

The Numbers-- No slant, no bias, just facts:

Maximum Recorded Football Attendance
They opened the dome later.
Cowboys: 105,121 (largest regular season NFL crowd ever)
Giants: 77, 245 (far short of the 82,566 seats available)

Advantage: Cowboys

Number of Roommates in Stadium
Roommates are terrible
Cowboys: 0.  The Cowboys have their own place. This isn't a summer camp; there are no bunk-beds.
Giants: 1.  It's cool though, they've got a system: if the Jets see a rubber band on the doorknob, they know to crash someplace else.

Advantage: Cowboys

Total Stadium Cost
Straight debt to Arlington, homey
Cowboys: $1.3 Billion It sounds like a lot until you realize that Jerry got Arlington to pay for it.
Giants: $1.6 Billion How could an inferior team afford such a steep price? The Giants and their roommate split the rent.

Advantage: Cowboys

Intangibles-- History, Aesthetics, and Authenticity
Get it?
Is Your Stadium In Your Home State:
Cowboys: Yes. Can you imagine if the Cowboys play in Oklahoma? It would be shameful.
Giants: No. In the over 47,000 square miles the Giants had to choose from in New York State, no location was up to par. Instead, they built their stadium on a brownfield site (read: toxic waste dump) in the Great State of New Jersey.

Advantage: Cowboys

Does Your Stadium Look Like a Radiator:
You decide: New Meadowland Stadium or Peterbilt radiator ?
Cowboys: No. The sleek lines of Cowboys Stadium have been compared to a space ship or a fine automobile.
Giants: Yes.  Well, it looks like a radiator from every conceivable ground angle, but it looks pretty normal from space!

Advantage: Cowboys

Does Your Stadium Have a Fine Art Collection:
Large scale modern art is integrated throughout Cowboys Stadium
Cowboys: Yes. The Cowboys Stadium Collection is among finest purpose-built collections in the world.
Giants: No. I mean, are you joking? Have you ever met a Jets fan? If more than three of them are ever in the same place, they start a chant ("Show us your tits!"). They're sub-human, artless mongoloids.

Advantage: Cowboys
The Game Day Experience-- How is life as a fan?
The calm before the storm
Is It Impossible To Drive To Your Stadium?
Not just time consuming, expensive too!
Cowboys: No. The stadium is located on a major highway large enough to handle all game-day traffic.
Giants: Yes. Not only will you battle New York's legendary traffic all the way there, but once you arrive and pay to park, you still have to take a bus to the stadium. They didn't build crosswalks or bridges. I'm serious.

Advantage: Cowboys

Do You Get To See The Players Up-Close? 
This picture gives me goosebumps
Cowboys: Yes. Field level suites are literally on the sidelines. Every kickoff, the players run through the Miller Lite Club. You can't get closer in any NFL stadium.
Giants: No. The closest you can get to players is a front row seat. That experience is cost-prohibitive to all but the richest fans.

Advantage: Cowboys
Does The Stadium Provide A Better Experience Than Home?
I hugged Larry Allen at this game
Cowboys: Yes. HDTV and a nice couch can give most stadiums a run for their money. At Cowboys Stadium, fans get to share that home experience with 80,000 of their closest friends.
Giants: No. The Giants didn't even sell out the opening game of the stadium. Fans voted with their money, and they voted to stay at home.

Advantage: Cowboys

Conclusion-- Let's tally up the score
Cowboys Stadium edges New Meadowlands Stadium in a hard fought game, 9-0.

I guess the Cowboys' strategy of building of beautiful, functional, and accessible stadium on a major highway just worked out a little better than the Giants' strategy of building an ugly, generic, and inaccessible stadium on a toxic waste dump in New Jersey.

I mean, this one really could have gone either way.


  1. This is the most ridicilous biased opinions I've ever seen in my entire life.

    First of all:

    That nonesense you say about it being tough to drive to Meadowlands stadium because of New York Traffic. Are you even aware that there are 2 new subway lines between New York and New Jersey along with more buses going directly to the front of the stadium ? Fewer cars on the road this way.

    You didn't even mention all the facts based on loacation. Meadowlands Stadium is just 4 miles away from Manhattan which means you get a great view of the New York Skyline from the stadium site. A great New York atmosphere from that part of New Jersey. Cowboys stadium location is poor. It's so deep in Arlington you can't even get a real view of Dallas.

    Team Roommates are terrible ?

    With 2 teams sharing one stadium it makes it easy for Meadowlands Stadium to be the only stadium in the league to be used every week which puts it in a situation where The new Meadowlands will be fully paid for in future long before Cowboys stadium, or any other new stadium does. That's the real advantage of partnership between 2 teams sharing one building.

    Meadowlands Stadium doesn't sell out ?

    With the economy being what it is - Ticket prices and PSL's are tough to pay for these days. When is the last time Cowboys stadium sold out completly ?

    Cowboys stadium is great, But it's built like a fortress and that makes it tough for most people to use their cell phones inside the building - Especially when the Roof is closed. Meadowlands Stadium does not have that problem.

    You claim that Meadowlands stadiums looks like a radiator ? Do you even realize that the building is designed to light up with glittering crystal blue aluminum lights during Giants games and glittering emerald green during Jets games ? Even the technology of Cowboys stadium is not that advanced.

    They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures are worth a thousand witnesses.

    Check out the link Below and click on every pic. Then tell me how Cowboys stadium compares to that.

  2. This guy acts like Dallas fans are sooo cultured with their art in the stadium. First off its football and if you want to see art you just go to the best art museum in the world called the New York Metropolitan Museum of fine art. Second you red neck hillbillies think a shotgun and some Budweiser is art.

    You don't even need to go through Manhattan to get the game (unless your retarded and from Texas like the moron who wrote this). And like the guy before me said you can take the train. At least not everyone is clueless like the redneck who wrote this.

    Also the New Meadowlands Stadiums is CLOSER to New York than Cowboys stadium is to Dallas.....IDIOTTT hahaha

    While it might not be as big and have a roof it still is a better stadium in the NFL.

    To sum it all up...this is the MOST biased thing I have ever read and the author deserves to have a spiked club shoved up his asshole...

    P.S. I would love to hear some feedback from inbred rednecks so I can own them in this debate hahaha.