Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Voting On The Coveted CABC League Taintsman Award

So far the only submissions for the 2011 anti-champion, formally referred to as The League Taintsman, punishments are:
Wearing Juggalo face paint to lunch at MiCocina
    Getting your belly button pierced for one week

    Surely we can do better than this.

    Some ideas:

    A live performance of Eden Wood's hit single Cutie Patootie in full costume?

    Greenman suit to a sporting event?
    A full Brazilian wax?

    A cover video of Celine Dion's My Heart Will Go On?
    Mankini to the beach or a pool party?
    No shaving until next season starts?
    Dressing up as a homeless person and panhandling?

    These are only ideas. Hopefully we come up with something much better.

    Remember: If we all agree on one of these, and then the loser doesn't do it, they're banned from CABC until they grow a sack.

    Leave your ideas in the comments.


    1. They really nearly airbrushed Eden Woods into oblivion. What, is she trying to be ONE again?

    2. I can't imagine what is more humiliating than having to become an expert on all things Cincinnati, so I propose that the Taintsman must familiarize himself with the 2011 Bungles and pen a thesis summarizing their performance this season. This paper of length to be determined will not only commemorate the heroics of Jordan Shipley, it will also force CABC's worst performer to suffer through 4 preseason games and then another 16 ugly-as-preseason games as research. Suck on it.

    3. How about the taintsman has to wear jorts on the weekend, every weekend, all day for a month?