Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sunday Sundries: Where Have I Been?

The answer to the above question is neither brief nor definitive. What is definitive is how cute and edible dachsunds are.

That defenseless face only serves to make me want to cook that baby up even more. However, that bun looks pretty plain-vanilla. Mrs. Baird's Bread and Ronald Reagan may have been co-conspirators in making us Americans accept such a shitty product, rather than opting for something a tiddle wit more... poppy seedy.

And before you ask, I know it isn't Sunday. I know this for the sole reason that I am a student, and I have "obligations". Psh. Sunday can be any day of the week. Mull on that for a minute, suckers. Now let's get into the bullets.

  • Good win yesterday. Jason Garrett deserves a pat on the back (while receiving oral pleasure). Let's hope that this is a trend upward rather than a flash in the pan, as it were.

  • Brooks' flubbed Disney-SKR girlfriend lady friend reference, I'm afraid, was a tad bit inaccurate. While I do find redheads attractive (especially the one ARB pictured...damn! For such shitty NOLA internet, Brooksy, you've sure got your Google image searches down to a science)...been there, done that, and I don't plan on driving the red camaro any time in the future - at least without copious amounts of intoxicants. I am, in fact, quite happy with what I have. Here is an artist's rendering of her:

A true Beauty, I know.

  • This is kind of cool. At least worth a .gif-moment:

  • Barring some sort of unfortunate rescore, I will earn my first win in quite a while. It's amazing how mundane life becomes when both your real-life team and your fantasy team get in the nasty habit of getting the shit kicked out of them on a weekly basis. I promised SKC vengeance after week one, and either Jack Handey or Vishnu must have been looking over me, because my promise proved fruitful. Also, to Reed (I can't, and probably never will, be able to distinguish between the brothers Ruschhaupt's initials. So fuck it.): Congratu-god damn-lations. Vick turned in a helluva performance for you on your way to 230+ points. I know you enjoy cuddly animals being anthropomorphized (sic), so here (the accompanying audio is fantastic):

  • Went to Pacquiao-Margarito this weekend. It is sooooo much more satisfying seeing such violence in real life. It reminded me of that time that I went to some shitty hotel in Dallas to see that Cohan kid try out MMA, only to get kicked in his flubby stomach enough for him to tap out. Also, Nelly performed. It. Was. Glorious.

Until next time, fellow fantasizers

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