Sunday, August 9, 2009

Funny FFL Team Names

In honor of the fast approaching football season, I've compiled a list of interesting/hilarious team names for everybody's general enjoyment. Some of these I made up, most I saw in other spots and thought they were funny enough to repeat.

I've taken my personal favorite, my ditka in her butkus. However there are a few more that some of you may be interested in. Enjoy.

Vick in a Box
Burrested Development
Two Vicks one Pup
I Just Witten My Pants
The Roethlisrapers
Fourth Down Syndrome
Show me your TD's
ESPeepN (in honor of Erin Andrews)
The Jackson 4
Donte Drink and Drive (thank you Donte Stallworth)

Let the games begin,


1 comment:

  1. Fantasy Names, Addendum 1:

    Kibbles 'n Vicks

    Third and Visante Shiancoe

    Ben RapeLessBerger

    Stallworth's Speedbumps

    2 Mannings, 1 Cup

    2 Vicks, 1 Pup

    Cumdog Millionaires

    Neverland Raunch