Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 CABC Season Preview Preview!

Labor Day weekend was fun.
Full analysis tomorrow.

But here's a little taste...
Team Overviews:
Some of you are fucked.
But, ARB, you say, aren't these projections pretty much just wild guesses at this point?

Here's last year's preseason projections lined up next to the final results. I calculated Pearson's R for the full league, then excluding one and two outliers. The results speak for themselves.
Unless you are mathematically illiterate, then, this is pretty much meaningless.
So, unless your name is ADL, these projections ran your shit last year.

Full draft analysis including best picks, worst picks, championship odds, playoff odds, Taintsman odds, depth grades, positional grades by team, and a whole lot more coming tomorrow.

PS: Any and all Dallas-area CABCers or friends of the league should text me for details about the Cowboys watching party tomorrow.

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